0-60: An Underwater Adventure From The Equator To Alaska

Four thousand two hundred miles. That is the approximate distance from the bathtub-warm waters near the equator to the bone-chilling cold stretch off the coast of Alaska. It is an expanse longer than the continental United States is wide, and it has been Richard Salas’s underwater photography studio for much of the past decade. The vast and varied, wondrous and dangerous aquatic landscape of the Eastern Pacific is celebrated by Salas’s just-completed three-part book project in a way perhaps never done before: a large-format, high-definition, quasi-psychedelic, exhaustively complete high school yearbook of sorts for all the critters that call this stretch of sea home.


The exhibit is presented as framed images behind glass.  

Audiences:  all ages

Participation fee: $7,500 USD, 12 week booking plus the cost of outbound shipping.

Contents:  1 48X36 framed image, 15 large-scale 40X32 framed images, 20 28X22 framed images, 4 24X24 framed images, 8 12X12 framed images artfully depicting various animals in their environment.

Size: Approx. 1682 linear feet

Number of crates:  9 est. (approx. 1800 pounds)

Security:  Limited

Fee includes a lecture by Richard Salas (transportation additional)

Three books available for purchase, hard bound, 12X12 inch, full-color, museum quality printing on heavy paper stock.