Channel Islands Exhibit

In the Sea of Light:  

California's Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary


Swim alongside photographer Richard Salas as he chronicles the undersea beauty of California’s

Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary.  For the last fourteen years, Richard has braved the cold waters

and unpredictable currents to bring us a truly memorable collection of portraits and seascapes. Not

content to simply record the well-known life forms,  Richard uses dramatic lighting to uncover

a world you would scarcely imagine.  It’s a world of never-ending color and texture, inhabited by a

cast of ocean-going personalities ranging from the comical to the sinister. And all just a few miles

off the California coastline.  Be it the craggy face of a sheep crab or the supernatural grace of a sea

lion, Salas’ work transcends mere species identification and inhabits the realm of fine art portraiture.


The exhibit is presented as framed images behind glass.  

Audiences:  all ages

Participation fee: $2,000 USD, 12 week booking plus the cost of outbound shipping.

Contents:  10 large-scale, 40X32 framed images, 8 28X22 framed images, 2 24X24 framed images artfully depicting various sharks in their environment.

Size: Approx. 786 linear feet

Number of crates:  4 est. (approx. 800 pounds)

Security:  Limited

Fee includes a lecture by Richard Salas (transportation additional)

Three books available for purchase, hard bound, 12X12 inch, full-color, museum quality printing on heavy paper stock.