Galapagos islands

For many, scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands is a lifetime ambition. The Pacific ocean west of South America has long been a favourite for underwater addicts, but this small group of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, elevates diving to another level. Galapagos scuba diving introduces visitors to a world of unprecedented natural beauty, containing life not found anywhere else, and a sense of wilderness that will appeal to any fan of the great outdoors. 

It's a place which, excuse the cliche, needs to be seen to be believed, capable of fulfilling the expectations and more of any serious scuba diver.

Four 11 Day trips, 2 land tours, on the Galapagos master

Whale sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Silky Sharks, Dolphins, Cow Nose Eagle Rays, Mola Mola, marine iguanas,

and much much more!

A $2000 USD per person non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to reserve your spot on the trip.  

Balance of the trip must be paid in full 3 months before departure date. 

Any cancellation less than 90 days out will result in a 100% penalty-no refund. 

If you cancel, we will do our best to find someone to fill your spot, but if we have any unfilled spots on the trip, we will fill those first before finding your replacement. 

Trip insurance recommended

This is my fourth trip with Richard. Even though I am not an active underwater photographer, I go because of his unique ability to build a group of fun loving people and inject more fun and value into the trip.  His warm and open personality serves him well as does his enthusiasm for teaching the finer aspects of photography.  I attend his photography lectures to watch a master in action.

-William Golley, Canada


Richard encourages so many different approaches to lighting and developing that I stop worrying about getting the shot and start stretching myself creatively. His enthusiasm for the entire process of photography is infectious and invaluable for photographers of all experience levels. He makes dive trips a whole lot more fun. And I've been making better photographs, too!

-Derek Singer, Washington


Dec 2-12, 2019             SOLD OUT

$6800 lower cabins, $6950 upper cabins

Final payment due, July 2, 2019

Dec 12-22, 2019           SOLD OUT

$6800 lower cabins, $6950 upper cabins

$1000 nonrefundable deposit to secure a spot

$2000 due July 12. 2018

$1000 due Dec 12, 2018

$1000 due July 12, 2019

Balance including fees due Sept 12, 2019

Park fees - $100, Hyperbaric fees - $35

Jan 27- Feb 6, 2020        ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

$7075 lower cabins, $7225 upper cabins

$1000 nonrefundable deposit to secure a spot

$1500 due June 27, 2018

$1500 due Nov 27, 2018

$2000 due April 27, 2019

Balance including fees due Oct 27, 2019

Park fees - $100, Hyperbaric fees - $35


Feb 6-16, 2020                SOLD OUT

$7075 lower cabins, $7225 upper cabins

Final payment due, Oct 6, 2019

Some of what you'll see!

mola mola.jpg
rueben and his lover.jpg
fish 2.jpg
slipper lobster face.jpg
marine iguana 3.jpg
blennie 2.jpg
Moray Eel.jpg
sea horse.jpg
sea lion 5.jpg
turtle 4.jpg
red lipped batfish.jpg