Monday morning dive

Underwater Musings

Navanax,  Navanax inermis

Navanax, Navanax inermis

Red Abalone,  Haliotis rufescens

Red Abalone, Haliotis rufescens

They say there are only two things on a navanax’s mind: eating and mating. A navanax is a gastropod that eats its own kind. It is also a hermaphrodite, able to mate as a male or a female. So when one navanax meets another, it has to decide whether to eat it, or have sex with it. Life: so full of choices! The abalone, seen above, is ahemophiliac: if cut, it could bleed to death. The hermaphrodite and the hemophiliac: same class, different homerooms.


From the book "Sea of Light"