Monday morning dive

The Story Behind The Shot



False Killer Whales, Pseudorca crassidens

I heard a commotion at the stern of the boat.  Divers were rushing around with their wet suits half on, jumping into the Zodiac and speeding off out to sea.  I heard the dive master call out “false killer whales!”  As I stood there with my wetsuit and camera in hand, watching the boat zoom away, I knew I was too late to make the trip out, bad timing.  A few minutes later, Pedro beckoned me to come back to the stern.  He had arranged for the other boat to take me out to the whales.  I was ready now and off we went.  The first team was leaving and I was arriving. I slipped into the water, which was filled with squeaking and whistling from the whales.  It was so loud that it vibrated my insides.  There they were, on the other side of the small boat. The 14-foot male was placing himself between me and the youngsters, doing what big daddies do. Twenty seconds later, all I saw were their tails diminishing in the watery distance.  But, oh, what a 20 seconds it was!  Thank you, Pedro! 


From the book "Blue Visions"