otherwise known as Socorro.

Bait ball season!!!

Socorro is all about amazing interaction with our favourite giant mantas. No other mantas in the world behave like this. We don't know why but we love it!! And the mantas clearly love us back. Research indicates that there are more giant mantas and more biomass at Socorro during bait ball season than any other time of year. Everything intensifies with more sharks - including schooling silky sharks - schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, lots of tuna and other pelagic fish and even pilot whales. You can expect water temps in the mid - high 70's.

You can see mantas in many places around the world. But nowhere else boasts a population of giant mantas that literally seek out interaction with divers and snorkellers. The behaviour these giant mantas exhibit is almost inexplicable. These gentle giants with a wingspan up to 20 feet consistently approach divers for intimate eye-to-eye encounters. If you are able to be calm and still in the water, you are almost sure to experience what we call “manta love.” While mantas are the reason to voyage out to Socorro, there are lots of other animals to see, including schooling hammerheads and silky sharks, plus 8 other species of sharks, bottlenose dolphins that consistently hang out with divers at certain dive sites, large schools of pelagic fish, and, in season, humpback whales.

May 31-June 10, 2020

5 Spots left

10 nights on the Nautilus Undersea

$3,895  double occupancy stateroom

$3,395 three berth stateroom

$500 deposit to reserve a spot

$500 due Dec 31, 2018

$1000 due June 30, 2019

$500 due on Dec 31, 2019

Balance due Feb 28, 2020


Trip insurance recommended

Any cancellation less than 90 days out will result in a 100% penalty-no refund. 

If you cancel, we will do our best to find someone to fill your spot, but if we have any unfilled spots on the trip, we will fill those first before finding your replacement. 

Please contact Richard for reserving a spot,

"I recently participated in an underwater photography workshop with Richard Salas.  He had arranged a package that included diving and accommodations through God's Pocket; a wonderfully rustic and charming location with some of the best cold water diving in the world!  The workshop tremendously elevated my understanding of the challenges and opportunities of underwater photography and covered topics such as macro, wide-angle, lighting, composition and technical aspects as well as learning to visualize the result we wanted from our photographs.  After taking the workshop, I am now much more educated about underwater photography, and as a result, have a much broader and creative perspective on how to approach this challenging hobby!"

-Jungho Kim, Canada


Oh the critters you will see!

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