Sea of Light Lecture

Richard Salas’s Underwater trilogy of books began with “Sea Of Light” which

illuminates the dazzling colors and dense profusion of life in California’s Channel

Islands. He has brought us an astounding array of life and color, and shares these

portraits of his “underwater family” along with stories of his adventures as an

underwater photographer.

Richard’s aim is to increase awareness of our dependence on the ocean and give

us a sense of personal relationships with the creatures he photographs. His success

at this is evidenced by people’s comments, “I never thought of fish as having

personalities before!” is a common refrain.

It is partly Richard’s gift of getting close to his subjects, and their apparent trust of

him, that makes his art so engaging. Add to that his skill with light, and you have

images that take people’s breath away. His talks are informative, and his speaking

style is authentic and peppered with humor. Richard’s quiet mastery of his

art, combined with his mission of service to the ocean and her inhabitants, make his

presentations unforgettable and transformative.