Shark Exhibit

Sharks:  Misunderstood Marvels

Most people think sharks are to be feared, man eating killing machines that target anyone who comes into their world.  This exhibit helps to show that that is not the truth.  Sharks are very important top-level predators that have been sensationalized through movies, the news media and literature.  Sharks are very important beings in keeping the balance of our oceans ecosystem.  They are not man-eaters waiting for the opportunity to chow down on some poor unsuspecting human.  We are not their food and the number of shark attacks in the last 6 years in the United States is 6.  We are more likely to be killed by a falling coconut or a fall off our trusty ladder at home.  This exhibit informs people about the truth about these maligned beauties and helps people to understand the challenge we face because of how many we kill each year.  Ours and the oceans survival depend on the decisions we make in the coming years.


The exhibit is presented as framed images behind glass.  

Audiences:  all ages

Participation fee: $1,500 USD, 12 week booking plus the cost of outbound shipping.

Contents:  6 large-scale, 40X32 framed images, 8 28X22 framed images artfully depicting various sharks in their environment.

Size: Approx. 542 linear feet

Number of crates:  3 est (approx. 650 pounds)

Security:  Limited

Fee includes a lecture by Richard Salas (transportation additional)

Three books available for purchase, hard bound, 12X12 inch, full-color, museum quality printing on heavy paper stock.