God's Pocket, best diving in the Pacific Northwest

Join professional photographer Richard Salas for a 7 day phenomenal cold water photographic learning experience! Giant Pacific octopus, decorated warbonnets, lions mane jellyfish, hooded nudibranchs, wolf eels, and much more awaits you at this secluded island paradise.

God's Pocket Resort, operating for over 25 years, is a land-based diving location for cold water divers of all levels. Accessible only by boat, it is a secluded wilderness spot surrounded by forested islands and the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Strait. A visit to God's Pocket provides not only spectacular cold water diving, but also an opportunity for kayaking, hiking, shore walks, wildlife viewing, including whale watching.

God’s Pocket Resort is the only resident of beautiful Hurst Island, British Columbia, on the east (inside) of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Nestled in an enchanting cove off Christie Passage, 12 miles north of Port Hardy, we offer a tranquil setting in which to relax after a day of the best cold water scuba diving in the world.

A $750 USD per person non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to reserve your spot on the trip. 

A payment of $750 USD per person is due 6 month before departure date. 

Balance of the trip must be paid in full 3 months before departure date. 

Any cancellation less than 90 days out will result in a 100% penalty-no refund. 

Trip Insurance Recommended

If you cancel, we will do our best to find someone to fill your spot, but if we have any unfilled spots on the trip, we will fill those first before finding your replacement. 

On the first day of Richard’s workshop, I was exhausted and my pictures were terrible. How exciting! I had not done anything new in a long time. On the last day, I wished it wasn’t the last day because I was seeing everything with new eyes and I wanted to keep practicing. This is the gift we take away from spending time with Richard as a teacher: today is only the beginning, there is so much more to learn. Richard is a kind and generous teacher. He is encouraging and positive. He is a master of his craft and he is willing to share his knowledge to help make your photographs better. Take a risk, learn from him, you will be glad you did. 

Hornby Island Diving

Rob & Amanda Zielinski, Owners / Operators


"I learned from Brian Skerry's photography that pixel level sharpness isn't important and that motion and its blurring effects can be a part of the creative process.

From Paul Nicklen's photography I learned to think outside the box. That by going where everyone else is unwilling, unable or never thinks to go I could capture something new.

 Through Richard Salas' tutelage I realized that light is a tool meant to be bent, moulded, shaped and manipulated. Through its control, the photographer controls the story and the emotions that a photo evokes. Attending Richard’s workshop has helped me push my photography to the next level."

"The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action over and over again hoping for a different outcome. So, I’m not sure why I took so many photos with my strobes at 3 & 9 o’clock.

 After attending Richard’s workshop I now realize that there are many different options for manipulating and controlling the light from my strobes. My photography has evolved and the world will never be the same."

Mike Perdue, Canada


Trip insurance recommended


$2200 USD 

nonrefundable $750 USD secures you a spot


Sept 29-October 5, 2019                   Sold Out

Final payment due 90 days before departure date, June 29, 2019

October 6-12, 2019                              Sold Out

Final payment due 90 days before departure date

$2362 USD 

nonrefundable $750 USD secures you a spot

March 29-April 4, 2020 SOLD OUT

Final payment due 90 days before departure date, December 29, 2020


April 5-11. 2020 SOLD OUT

Final payment due 90 days before departure date, January 5, 2020


October 11-17, 2020 3 spots left

Final payment due 90 days before departure date, July 18, 2020

October 18-24, 2020 SOLD OUT

Final payment due 90 days before departure date, July 18, 2020

Critters seen at God's Pocket

Sharpnose Crab, Scyra acutifrons

Decorated Warbonnet, Chirolophis decoratus

Spotted Ratfish, hydrolagus colliei

Bull Kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana

Hooded Nudibranches, Melibe leonina

Rose Anemone, Urticina piscivora

Black-and-White Sea Flea, Chromopleustes oculatus

Rock Greenling, Hexagrammos logocephalus

Lion's Mane Jelly, Cyanea capillata

Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini