Hornby Island, Playground of the Steller Sea Lions

Hornby Island Diving is a family business that has been owner operated for over 40 years. Our knowledge and experience means you get safe, fun dives at the best sites. Our guest lodge, dive boat and tank fill station are among the best in BC, so you can enjoy our wonderful diving in comfort. Non-divers and families love Hornby Island and they are always welcome to join us.

Our guest lodge is the perfect accommodation for groups of all sorts. We host workshops and retreats, as well as family reunions and more. Delicious, healthy, homemade meals are included with your stay and are consistently a highlight of our guests’ experience.

A $500 USD per person non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to reserve your spot on the trip. 

A payment of $500 USD per person is due 6 month before departure date. 

Balance of the trip must be paid in full 3 months before departure date. 

Any cancellation less than 90 days out will result in a 100% penalty-no refund. 

If you cancel, we will do our best to find someone to fill your spot, but if we have any unfilled spots on the trip, we will fill those first before finding your replacement. 

Trip insurance recommended

“I have known Richard for several years now, and have been on many of his trips. Not only well organized and a lot of fun, they’re most of all educational. I’ve been photographing above and under water for a long time, and I’m always delighted to learn new tricks and find new angles for my work. And Richard’s wealth of knowledge and experience ensures—again and again—that I can keep learning and exploring my own skills.”

-Jens Troger, Germany


In my short underwater photography journey there have been numerous influences who have helped me develop, learn and appreciate what the environment has to offer. I consider you to be amongst the few who have contributed hugely to my progress. Thank you. 

Terry Steeley, UK

Jan 9-17, 2020 Only 2 spots left!

$2614.76 Canadian or according to Google,

$1995.62 USD for the whole trip.

In for dinner on the 9th, dive 10, 11, 12, day off on the 13th, shore dive, kayaking, hiking etc., dive 14, 15, 16 and leave after breakfast on the 17th.

All monies paid directly to Hornby Island, please call Amanda 250 335-2807



Critters to be found at Hornby

Grunt Sculpin, Rhamphocottus richardsonii

Wolf-Eel, Anarrhichthys ocellatus

Steller Sea Lions, Eumetopias jubatus

Sea Pen, Ptilosarcus gurneyi

Steller Sea Lion and Mike, Eumetopias jubatus and Homo sapien

Steller Sea Lion, Eumetopias jubatus

Swimming Anemone, Stomphia didemon

Lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus

Puget Sound King Crab, Lopholithodes mandtii

Giant Plumose Anemone, Metridium farcimen