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Join Richard as he speaks about the challenges that face the ocean and it’s inhabitants. Challenges that affect us and our life on this water planet. Through his stories from 100’s of dives we get to experience this unseen world first hand through the safety of his photographs. His portraits of these incredible beings explode with personality where most people think there is none. A grimacing red-lipped batfish, the sweet repose of a California sea lion, and the quizzical look of a great white shark. Learn about the connection of our lives and theirs and what we can do to make a positive difference. 

What befalls the ocean befalls us all

“Richard Salas is not only a talented photographer but also an incredible speaker. Personable and insightful, Richard brings a unique perspective as he explains the moment captured in his photographs and the reality of what it takes to be an underwater photographer. Alone, his underwater images are powerful and leave lasting impressions. Combined with his personal perspective, his underwater images become touching, at times comical, and always inspirational. Richard naturally engages the crowd and wows the viewer with each new slide. His style is positive and genuine. You can’t help but to love Richard and to adore the ocean’s marine life when you hear him speak.”

-Amanda Allen,


Ty Warner Sea Center

Santa Barbara, California


(805) 962-2526


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